The Great Movies Pod: A Retrospective Film Review Show

--- Dylan Cuellar, Jana Gardner, and Nick Fulton ---

In this podcast, we plan on discussing the films of Roger Ebert's seminal film essay collection The Great Movies. We aim to review each movie in individual episode discussions and bringing our opinions and Ebert's writing to the forefront. We will finish each episode with a thumbs up/thumbs down reaction and a rating out of four stars. We also hope to bring you intermittent current event episodes discussion favorite new movies of the past month or two.
Brought to you by Dylan Cuellar, Jana Gardner, and Nick Fulton of The Great Movies Pod: A Retrospective Film Review Show

Latest Episodes…

  1. The Godfather

    Look at how they massacred our, on the day of our daughters wedding, Nick, Jana, Dylan, and special guest and author of the Annotated Godfather Screenplay Book, Jenny Jones will disect, debate, and even play a draft game for one of the most prolific movies of all time. ...



    In this episode we discuss the movie Wolfman starring Benicio Del To.. - wait just getting word from the producer... - oh looks like we're discussing a movie with a character NAMED wolfman...but it also stars Benicio Del Toro...wait I'm feeling really high right now? Why does nothing make sense? ...



    Podcasts are the only thing we know how to do...and we gotta do something because TOO MANY PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THIS MASTERPIECE! So Dylan sits down with podcast artist Scott Brady and film twitter and letterboxd reviewer Kailey to break down what makes this film truly one of the greats. ...


  4. The General

    SHHHH!!!! We're back in the silents with Buster Keaton's The General! While not super fun to root for a Confederate soldier, Buster Keaton is never not fun and takes us on a great romp through action and comedy.   Also discussed in this episode...Shia LeBouf and David Duchovny. Why?? Listen to find ...


  5. Season 4 Finale! (And Albert Brooks' Real Life Review)

    It's finally here! After this very long we are here to give out awards of the past nine movies we've (officially) discussed as well as reivew one of Ebert's most hated films which, in this case, to honor the late great Charles Grodin, is the 1979 comedy masterpiece Real Life. ...